About Us

Our History

Geelong Welsh Ladies choir was formed in 1998 by a small group of Welsh women, all of whom were members of the Geelong Welsh Society. Other members were then recruited from various organisations and the group soon grew to be over 20 in number. By the year 2000 there were over 40 voices proudly promoting Welsh Heritage and language by learning Welsh music and performing at events which enabled them to do so.

The original accompanist was Bev Thomas, a local music teacher and the founding Musical Director was Jeanette John, who comes from South Wales. Jeanette remains the Musical Director 24 years later and the current accompanist is Heather Wickes. The majority of the members are not of Welsh descent and many come from different origins, thus celebrating the diversity of Australia.

The choir toured Wales in 2004 and joined together with other Welsh choirs to achieve a wonderfully successful concert tour, receiving accolades from each concert performed as well as praise from the Welsh minister of the command of the language. The choir returned glowing with praise and from this beginning, the choir’s reputation grew. Since then the choir has had three successful tours of New Zealand, participating in Gymanfa Ganu (singing festivals) in Auckland, Rotorua and New Plymouth, as well as a concert tour of the North and South Islands. The choir also actively supports the Welsh Church of Melbourne, participating in their Gymanfa Ganu and many other local events.

Recently we have been joining in concerts with the International Harvester Male Chorus, also based in Geelong, and this has given us the opportunity to sing in 4 parts. Our audiences have welcomed this and enjoy even more depth to our repertoire.

COVID 19 prevented us from singing in 2020 and most of 2021, but we are back in 2022 and look forward to once more entertain and promote the Welsh culture.

Fundraising and Activities

To help subsidise some of the tours and other expenses that a choir typically have, the GWLC have an active fundraising committee which regularly organises activities that bring in funds for the choir.  Some of these include:

  • Concerts        
  • Cakes & Craft sales (Christmas in July)
  • Trivia and auction nights
  • Movie nights
  • Car rallies
  • Raffles

The GWLC also hold their annual Christmas Dinner in December and try to ensure that all members have an opportunity to associate with their fellow choristers at these various functions throughout the year.

The Geelong Welsh Ladies Choir and the Welsh Church

The GWLC have a great association with the Melbourne Welsh Church and have performed at the annual Cymanfu Ganu for the past ten years. The GWLC perform alongside some of the other great choirs in Victoria such as Victoria Welsh Male Choir (Cantorion Cymreig), the Melbourne Welsh choir and the Australian Welsh Choir. 

In 2014, they were excited to perform alongside the Ceredigion Women’s Institute Choir, all the way from Wales, at the Cymanu Ganu. Strong relationships have been forged with all of these choirs and at each singing festival they support the Welsh Church in this venture. The Welsh Church organises this event and invite a Welsh conductor from Wales to lead this unique event.