New Zealand Tour 2018

The choir travelled to the North Island for its third New Zealand tour in October 2018.

The choir’s tour started in New Plymouth with an evening performance with the Taranaki Male Choir, “Why We Sing” at the Plymouth International Hotel. It was a fantastic evening of entertainment with performances by acapella group “Four Flat Whites”. On the same day the choir was very excited to be officially welcomed at the New Plymouth Council for the Cymanfa Ganu, where they were greeted with a wonderful mayoral reception, including a traditional Maori welcome.

The choir was invited to take part in the 14th National Cymanfa Ganu which was held at St Andrews Presbyterian Church, New Plymouth presented by the Welsh people of Taranaki and conducted by Welsh conductor Dilwyn Price. The choir’s last performance was with the Oriana singers at the Tauranga boys college.

The choir took time out during the tour to visit a number of beautiful sights on the North Island, including Hamilton Gardens, Pukekara Gardens, taking part in World Singing Day in Plymouth, a trip into the Waitomo caves and a fun trip on the Goldfields Railway from Waihi to Waikino, as well as sight-seeing around each of the places we sang.

The choir was privileged to reconnect with special friends that had been made during previous tours and to make new friends in singing which we hope to meet up with again in the future.