2014 New Zealand Tour

The choir toured New Zealand in October of 2014 and performed in Wellington, Palmerston North or Napier, New Plymouth and then participated as the guest choir at the Bi-annual Cymnafa Ganu, hosted by the Welsh community of Rotorua. Here they sang the beautiful rendition of Benedictus, composed by Welsh composer Robert Arwyn.

The Geelong Ladies Welsh Choir, travelled to New Zealand in October 2014 and undertook a concert tour, representing Geelong and Australia, forging friendships and having great fun.

The choir travelled to the capital Wellington first and here they teamed up with the Wellington Male Choir, performing at the Pataka Museum to a standing room only crowd. It was magical.  The atmosphere in the room was electric and there were many tears from the audience as the choirs joined together singing the national anthems of Australia, New Zealand and Wales. What a moment!

The choir was made very at home in the capital and the Welsh pub which can be found in the centre of the road there.  It boasts flags of both nations, posters which adorn the walls and the welcome was second to none.  There was great singing here too, and although it was less disciplined, it was free flowing and improvised.

We travelled on then to Palmerston North, where a unique experience was waiting for us all.  We had arranged to sing with the Feilding Brass Band and Craig its conductor, had arranged the piece World in Union, for both the band and the choir to perform together.  Words cannot express this time spent and the fantastic feeling that was felt by all as voices lifted and cymbals clashed as we joined together in harmony.

We were then on to New Plymouth, where we had scheduled a major concert with the Taranaki Male Choir. New Plymouth is a most beautiful place and the majestic Mount Taranaki, with its peak snow capped, provides a stunning backdrop to this lovely town.  Our performance was a sell out again and both choirs performed well individually but when they came together, it was superb.  Such glorious harmony and such wonderful music.

Our last stop was that of Rotorua where a whole weekend was dedicated to singing.  The Welsh Society of Rotorua had organised a festival for that weekend and it was opened with a traditional Maori welcome followed by a formal welcome from the mayor of Rotorua.  The choir sang World in Union again here and received a standing ovation.

The event on the Sunday was a singing festival much in the tradition of Wales and Jeanette John, the musical director of the choir, conducted the whole performance.

The tour was a huge success and we all returned safely back home to Geelong and now beginning to focus on 2015.  We already have a number of commitment scheduled but we would love a few new members.

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